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Accept Crypto Donations Easily with OxaPay’s Donation

Accept Crypto Donations

Are you a content creator or a charity organization looking to receive donations in cryptocurrencies? OxaPay has got you covered with its Crypto Donation feature. Accept crypto donations allows OxaPay users to create and add a donation to their website or social media pages, making it easy for their followers to donate crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and more.

Why Accept Crypto Donations?

Accepting crypto donations offers several compelling benefits for content creators and charitable organizations:

  • Global Reach: Accepting crypto donations enables reaching donors worldwide, free from traditional banking limitations.
  • Lower Transaction Fees: Crypto transactions involve minimal fees, ensuring a higher portion of each donation directly benefits the cause.
  • Speed of Transactions: Crypto donations process swiftly, offering instant confirmation and satisfying donors.
  • Security and Privacy: Advanced encryption ensures secure transactions and allows donors to remain anonymous.
  • Diversification of Revenue: Crypto donations add an extra revenue stream, reducing reliance on single payment methods.
  • Appeal to Crypto Enthusiasts: Attract passionate crypto supporters eager to contribute to meaningful causes.
  • Media Attention and Publicity: Embracing crypto technology can garner positive media coverage and boost visibility.
  • Future-Proofing: Adopting cryptocurrencies prepares organizations for the evolving future of finance and fundraising.

What is OxaPay’s Donation?

OxaPay’s Donation is a feature provided by OxaPay that allows users to create a donation link and add it to their website or social media pages, enabling donors to easily contribute in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

How to accept crypto donations?

Setting up the Donation is simple and straightforward. All you need is an OxaPay account and a few clicks on the platform. After creating your button, customize it to match your brand or message. Select the crypto assets to accept and generate a unique link for sharing on your website or social media.

By accepting crypto donations, you open up a new revenue stream for your business or cause. Cryptocurrencies are gaining mainstream acceptance, with more people opting to donate in crypto. They appreciate its speed, security, and lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods.

How to Create a Donation with OxaPay

  1. Create your OxaPay account: Visit the OxaPay website and sign up for an account using your email: OxaPay Signup
  2. Access the Donation page: Once you have an OxaPay account and log in, navigate to the “Donation” page in your OxaPay panel menu.
  3. Payment Summaries: In this section, you can view the total value of donated transactions for various timeframes, such as today, this week, this month, and overall.
  4. Generate your donation :
    • Enter a desired name for your donation link (between 3 to 30 characters) in the “Name” field.
    • Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to accept in the “Accepted Coins” section. You can select specific coins or choose “Select All” for all available coins.
    • Optionally, you can enable the “SHOW” option to display the NAME and EMAIL fields. If the payer enters this information, it will be shown in your donation transactions.
    • If required, you can also activate the “REQUIRE” option, which will make it compulsory for the payer to enter their name and email before making the payment.
    • Click on “Create donation” to generate your customized donation .

Benefits of Using OxaPay’s Donation

Using OxaPay’s Donation has a significant advantage: you don’t need to concern yourself with technical aspects of receiving crypto donations. OxaPay handles the backend processes, including wallet creation and management, while offering donors a user-friendly interface to send their crypto assets.

Moreover, OxaPay’s Donation allows you to track and manage your donations easily. You can view your transaction history, see which crypto assets you received, and manage your wallets all in one place. This feature makes keeping track of your finances easier and allows you to allocate donations to where they are needed most.

Donors also benefit from using OxaPay’s Donation . They can donate anonymously, securely, and quickly without having to worry about sharing their personal information. All they need is an OxaPay account and the crypto assets they wish to donate.

How to Use OxaPay’s Donation with Your Website or Social Media

Once you have created your donation , you will be able to copy and paste the code into your website or social media page. When someone clicks on your donation, they will reach a secure payment page where they can enter their cryptocurrency address and the desired donation amount. After completing the donation, the funds will be sent to your OxaPay account.

OxaPay’s Donation is a great way to accept crypto donations from your website or social media. It is easy to use and secure, and it allows you to accept donations in a variety of cryptocurrencies.


1. Create an OxaPay account: Sign up for an account on OxaPay's website using your email.
2. Access the Donation page: After logging in, go to the "Donation" page in your OxaPay panel menu.
3. Generate your donation button: Enter a desired name for the button link, select accepted cryptocurrencies, and choose whether to show or require the donor's name and email. Click "Create donation" to generate the customized button.

1. Donation Page: Access the "Donation" page to view details of your donations.
2. Payment Summaries: Check the total value of donated transactions for different timeframes (today, this week, this month, overall).
3. Donation Payments Statistics: View a chart displaying payment transactions associated with your Donation button, allowing you to monitor its performance over time.

1. Copy the Code: After creating your donation button, copy the provided code.
2. Paste on Website/Social Media: Paste the code into your website's HTML or share it on your social media page.
3. Secure Payment Page: When donors click on the button, they will be directed to a secure payment page to enter their crypto address and donation amount.
OxaPay's Donation simplifies the process of accepting crypto donations, giving content creators and charities a powerful tool to receive support globally while enjoying the benefits of the crypto space.


In conclusion, OxaPay’s Donation is a simple yet powerful feature that can help content creators and charities receive crypto donations easily. By accepting crypto donations, you open up a new revenue stream and reach a wider audience who prefer to donate in crypto. So why not create your Donation today and start accepting crypto donations with OxaPay? Whether you are a content creator, a nonprofit organization, or any other entity seeking to receive crypto donations, OxaPay’s Donation provides an efficient, secure, and user-friendly solution to easily accept donations in various cryptocurrencies.

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